A Desk Review to Assess the Sri Lankan Girls’ and Young Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment for Leadership (2017)

The causes for lack of female political participation and managerial positions, and low levels of participation in the labour market have not been analysed around political, economic and social empowerment of girls and young women in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka there is little evidence based research that highlights the causes of gender inequality and barriers to girls’ empowerment and leadership. In this backdrop, recognizing the importance of fostering the female leadership, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, with the funding of Plan International Sri Lanka, entrusted IPS to carry out a research study to identify the main obstacles faced by women when emerging as leaders at different levels. The study consists of main two components; a literature review and consultations.

Research team

Sunimalee Madurawala
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Nisha Arunatilake
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Chethika Madushni
Nirosha Karunaratne


Plan International Sri Lanka

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