Crossborder E-commerce Ecosystem in Sri Lanka

Whilst global e-commerce networks have expanded rapidly over the past decade, the rate of adaptation and growth in many developing countries has been slow due to infrastructure limitations and other social and cultural barriers affecting consumer choices. Sri Lanka’s e-commerce sector faces similar constraints and is relatively limited and new, compared to its comparators in the Asian region. That said, the e-commerce sector has experienced considerable growth in recent years and has been identified by policymakers as a key driver of future economic activity. High levels of mobile phone usage, a growing technologically literate population, the use of e-commerce platforms by well-established firms and the rise of e-commerce start-ups have facilitated this growth. Hence, this study gives an overview of Sri Lanka’s e-commerce ecosystem and its potential for crossborder e-commerce.

Research team

Kithmina Hewage
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Harini Weerasekera
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