Cross-Border Competition: Implications for Sri Lanka Case Studies of Pharmaceuticals, Cement Markets, and Shipping Lines Sector




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Through an economic and regulatory analysis of the pharmaceuticals, cement and shipping sectors, this report has assessed the implications of cross-border competition on the functioning of these sectors in Sri Lanka. The core objective of this broad assessment was to obtain specific insights into the capacity of the Competition Authority and necessity of consumer interest organizations to deal with the anti-competitive practices that have pervaded these sectors.

Table of Contents

• List of Tables
• List of Charts
• List of Boxes
• List of Abbreviations
• Foreword
• Introduction
• Advocacy Initiatives
• The Competition Case Studies – A Brief Overview
• Case Study 1: Sri Lanka ‘s Pharmaceutical Market
• Case Study 2: Sri Lanka ‘s Cement Market
• Case Study 3: Sri Lanka ‘s Shipping Liner Sector
• Lessons and Agenda for the Future
• Annex 1-3
• References

by Malathy Knight-John, P.P.A Wasantha, Andrew Perumal, Pubudini W. Rupasinghe and Avanthi Gunatilake, Institute of Policy Studies and Law & Society Trust