Costs to Government Healthcare Services of Pesticide Poisoning Treatment in Sri Lanka

Series 3: A Framework for Formulating a National Alcohol Policy 2009
(Background paper and analysis to guide government policy on alcohol) Alcohol policies are those regulations, laws and rules that govern the manufacture, promotion, distribution, sale, and use of alcohol. Looking at the history of alcohol legislation applied and effected in the country in the past, it would be wise to simply view such alcohol legislation from the perspective of prohibition and denial. But it should be noted that a great part of policy formation the world over during the past century has been incremental, deliberate, and accepting of adults drinking in moderation (Babor et al., 2003). More recently, there has been a growing interest in the scientific study of alcohol policy as a useful ally in combating the ill-effects of bad policies and therefore an attempt has been made here to equip decision-makers to make informed policy choices in light of the current situation on alcohol production, sales, and consumption in the country.

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