Costs to Government Healthcare Services of Pesticide Poisoning Treatment in Sri Lanka

Series 2: Impact Assessment as a Result of the 1 Km Sacred Area Rule on Liquor Sales: 2006
In Sri Lanka, the Parliament passed the Tobacco and Alcohol Authority Bill in June 2006 presented by the Government seeking approval for the establishment of a National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol especially aimed at discouraging children from smoking and consuming alcohol. Prior to the implementation of the provisions of the above Bill, another prohibitive law has been gazetted on 3 August 2006 to prohibit liquor sales outlets in areas surrounding sacred areas. The Law gazetted prohibits alcohol sales within 1 km of the sacred area, but provides for many venues for drinking of alcohol, including tourist hotels, festivals, etc. The Law does not clearly emphasize the objective of the introduction of the rule, whether it is to reduce alcohol consumption or whether only the liquor sales outlet has been seen as a deterrent to the sacred area concept, while nevertheless leaving out thriving chronic anti-social cells in the area.

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