Conference on Trade Facilitation Issues Related to the India – Sri Lanka FTA, Salon Orchid

A conference on Trade Facilitation Issues Related to the India – Sri Lanka FTA was held on 1st October, 2010 at the Salon Orchid, Galadari Hotel, Colombo, and it was jointly organized by IPS and UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Centre, Bangkok. His Excellency, Ashok K. Kantha, High Commissioner of India, was the Chief Guest. Dr. Saman Kelegama, Executive Director of the IPS made the inaugural address and Biplove Choudhary, Trade Specialist of the UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Centre made the opening remarks to the conference.

Presentations at the conference were made by Suwendrani Jayaratne and Dharshani Premaratne, Research Assistants at IPS. The objective of the conference was to highlight some of the key Trade Facilitation related issues encountered by both Sri Lankan and Indian traders when exporting and importing under India-Sri Lanka Bilateral FTA and possible modalities as to how the Trade Facilitation measures could be effectively implemented were also deliberated. A brief summary and Vote of Thanks, was delivered by Deshal De Mel, Research Economist, IPS.

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