Comprehensive Landscape Mapping of Current Social Protection Systems in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a wide range of social protection programmes in place, but the social protection systems have several gaps/issues that need to be addressed. In this context, a comprehensive landscape mapping of the current social protection system of Sri Lanka is a timely and much needed exercise. Understanding the existing laws, policies and programmes, mechanisms and stakeholders and identifying gaps in the current system is an important first step in developing a more efficient, integrated and shock-resilient system. An examination of the existing digital infrastructure is also vital to understand the digital resources currently available within the social protection sphere of Sri Lanka and to aid in developing strategies to optimise their usage and develop them further to improve the efficiency of the system. Further an understanding of any global and regional best practices is vital to learn from them and improve the existing systems in Sri Lanka. Moreover, a unified social protection policy and integrated systems is imperative to strengthen Sri Lanka’s social protection system.

Research team

Ganga Tilakaratna
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Nisha Arunatilake
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Lakshila Wanigasinghe
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UNDP - Sri Lanka