Communication Policy Research South 7 – Young Scholar Seminar Programme

Buddhika Brahmanage, Research Assistant, IPS, won a competitive scholarship to attend the Communication Policy Research South 7 – Young Scholar Seminar Programme. This year’s CPRafrica 2012/CPRsouth7 was held during 3 -7 September, 2012 in Port Louis, Mauritius. It was jointly organized by ICT Africa, LIRNEasia and the University of Mauritius with the funding by International Development Research Centre, Canada (IDRC) and the Department for International Development, UK.

CPRsouth is a capacity building programme for the Asia Pacific policy intellectuals, especially junior to mid-level scholars. The two day seminar series was conducted by ICT policy experts in the Asia and African region followed by the CPRafrica2012/CPRsouth 7 Conference This initiative aims at producing policy intellectuals capable of making informed, evidence-based and timely policy interventions in the ICT policy and regulatory space of their respective countries, whilst providing a platform for scholars to meet and exchange ideas to strengthen their knowledge and commitment in ICT policy and regulation.