Climatenet Policy Discussion Forum

CLIMATEnet—a web portal and blog developed by IPS—is a facility to share information /resources/ views among important stakeholders of climate change. It has provided an ideal platform for launching a policy dialogue on climate change in Sri Lanka. CLIMATEnet Policy Discussion Forum is a research-cum-policy dialogue developed on this platform with the objectives of identifying key impact areas/sectors with high vulnerability to climate change, assessing major gaps involved in adaptation and suggesting suitable policies/strategies to bridge the identified gaps with the consultation of key stakeholders of respective impact areas/sectors. The study/dialogue is based on a series of expert consultation sessions conducted to cover seven impact areas—agriculture, water, health, biodiversity, energy, fisheries and coastal resources and human settlements. Overall, the forum aims to transform scattered knowledge on climate change in different impact areas to a set of policy recommendations. A series of policy briefs will be developed as the outputs of each consultation session. At the end, all policy briefs will be collated to produce a working paper, covering a broad range of policies on climate adaptation. This would fill an important gap in current policy dialogue on climate change in Sri Lanka.

Research team

Chatura Rodrigo