Categories for Trade investment and finance

Trade and Transport Facilitation Audit in South Asia: Sri Lanka Country Study

Progressive reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers has increased the attention of both firms and countries on reducing practical constraints that delay transactions at and behind national borders, and increasing efficiency of supply chains and associated logistics costs.

Utilization of Trade Agreements in Sri Lanka: Perception of Exporters vs. Statistical Measurements(Utilization of FTAs in Sri Lanka)

This study analyses the extent and the degree to which the Sri Lankan exporters use the preferences negotiated in various trade agreements; the benefits and costs of using trade agreements; impact of multiple Rules of Origin (RoO) on industries; and measures that can be taken to increase utilization of trade agreements.

Institutional Mechanisms for Promoting Intra-regional Investments and Trade in the IOR-ARC Region in the Strategic Sectors

This project aims to explore the potential of economic cooperation in the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-RAC) – a grouping of 19 economies in the Indian Ocean region – in knowledge-based industries and infrastructure development and to identify institutional mechanisms for facilitating the exploitation of this potential.

Implications of Agri-food standards for Sri Lanka: Case studies of tea and fisheries export industries(Implication of Standards on Tea and Fish Exports in Sri Lanka)

In the context of the growing importance of standards in international trade and production, this study examines the implications of standards on two agricultural and food exporting sectors in Sri Lanka – tea and fisheries – and their strategic response.