Categories for Policy Reforms and Competitiveness

SheTrade Outlook

Within the context of the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades in the Commonwealth project, funded by the Government of the United... View Article

Sri Lanka Single Window: Informing the Roadmap Development Process through Public-Private Dialogues

The government of Sri Lanka has committed to establish a Single Window as a national priority in line with fulfilling... View Article

Sri Lanka’s Macroeconomic Challenges from Perspective of Twin Deficits, 1970-2016

From the 1970s to the present, the Sri Lankan economy has been buffeted by over extended fiscal positions and weak... View Article

Sri Lanka’s Macroeconomic Challenges, 2010-2016

This study examines the macroeconomic policy setting in the context of debt financed development. Sri Lanka’s growth and economic development... View Article

Comparative Study of Competition Regimes in Select Developing Countries of the Commonwealth (The 7-Up Project)

This study looks at the impact of the World Bank and ADB sponsored "Small and Medium Scale Industries (SMI) Loan Schemes" on the SMI sector in Sri Lanka.

Input Output Tables for Sri Lanka – 2000

The integration of input output (I-O) accounting framework in the overall system of national accounts has become an important development... View Article

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) and Regulatory Governance

A survey on RIA was carried out to contribute to an ongoing effort by the Centre on Regulation and Competition... View Article

Utilization of Trade Agreements in Sri Lanka: Perception of Exporters vs. Statistical Measurements (Utilization of FTAs in Sri Lanka)

This study analyses the extent and the degree to which the Sri Lankan exporters use the preferences negotiated in various... View Article

South Asian Country Study on Products with Regional Trade Potential and Associated Non-Tariff Barriers with special focus on WMSMEs: A Case of Sri Lanka

IPS has undertaken the Sri Lankan country study as a part of a South Asian regional project on ‘Products with... View Article