Categories for Policy Efficiency and Competitiveness

Air Services Liberalization in South Asia, Phase I

South Asia is characterized not only by low intra-regional trade but also poor air connectivity. In fact, the countries of... View Article

Reducing Regional Disparities: Annual Report of the Finance Commission of Sri Lanka

IPS was commissioned by the Finance Commission (FC) to compile their 2012 Annual Report which focuses on the distribution of... View Article

The Problems of Measuring Cost of Living in Sri Lanka

The study describes the consumer price indices that are currently compiled in Sri Lanka and discusses the problems associated with... View Article

Macroeconomic Policy for Full and Productive Employment: Sri Lanka Country Study

Re-thinking in the approach to macroeconomic policy in the wake of the global economic crisis has generated a discussion on... View Article

Monetary Cooperation in South Asia

IPS obtained approval for its research proposal on “Monetary Cooperation in South Asia” at the fourth round of research studies... View Article

Improving Policy Efficiency in South Asia: Sri Lanka’s Economic Reform Process

The Project aims to seek ways to improve policy processes and regional cooperation mechanisms for promoting efficient trade, investment and... View Article

Tax Policy And Enterprise Development in South Asia

Inclusive growth continues to remain a challenge for South Asian economies. Experts now agree that the missing link between growth... View Article

Applying Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in Sri Lanka

he objective of this project was to develop a template for RIA in Sri Lanka in collaboration with our research... View Article

Trade and Transport Facilitation Audit in South Asia: Sri Lanka & Maldives case studies

Progressive reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers has increased the attention of both firms and countries on reducing constraints that delay transactions at and behind national borders, and increasing efficiency of supply chains and associated logistics costs.

Regional Integration and Poverty in South Asia

South Asia suffers from low levels of regional integration, high rates of poverty and is among the regions with lowest... View Article