Categories for Migration and Urbanization

In-depth Country Assessment on the Linkages between Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is exposed to a variety of extreme weather events and slow onset events which may both result in... View Article

Comprehensive Mapping of Reintegration Measures in South Asian Colombo Process Member States (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)

Reintegration is an important aspect of labour migration from South Asia as a majority of migrant workers leave the region... View Article

Towards a Developed Urban Transportation System: Lessons for Sri Lanka

This study looks at three different cities around the world – Metro Manila, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, as leading examples... View Article

Student Migration

Migration for educational purposes has become a growing migratory outflow from Sri Lanka. The out migration of students has a... View Article

Migration and Development Country Assessment to Identify Current National Goals and Priorities to Mainstream Migration into Development Strategies of Sri Lanka

The proposed study aims to serve as a scoping exercise for mainstreaming migration into development and provide a preliminary country... View Article

Impact of COVID-19 on Recent Migrant Workers from Sri Lanka

The spread of the COVID-19 across the globe has created multifaceted implications. Among various groups affected, migrant workers are an... View Article

Megapolis Transportation Initiative: Lessons for Sri Lanka

Urban transportation is an important aspect in city management globally. Developing a quality transportation network that promises efficient connectivity and... View Article

The ‘Double Burden’ and Gender Barriers: A Causal Analysis of a Policy on Female Labour Migration from Sri Lanka

Female labour migration is an important facet of the global labour market. Yet many countries have introduced policies to restrict... View Article

Locating Migration in Imagined Futures

This qualitative study is part of a cross context comparative analysis, spanning Kerala and Mizoram in India and Gampaha in... View Article

Urban Housing in Sri Lanka

At the national level, on average housing paints a positive picture, in terms of affordability, homeownership and housing characteristics. Nevertheless,... View Article