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Political Economy Analysis of Tobacco Control in Sri Lanka

The political economy of tobacco plays a crucial role in formulating the tobacco control policy landscape of any country. The... View Article

IPS KIVU Tobacco Control Extension Programme

IPS KIVU Tobacco Control Programme – Extension (Phase I) would give a sharper focus on the demonstrable impact on policy... View Article

Demand for Private Tutoring during COVID-19: An Initial Scoping Exercise for Sri Lanka

This study is an initial scoping exercise to gain some perspective on current trends in the demand for private tutoring... View Article

Tobacco Control Programme in Sri Lanka – Election Strategy Work

This project used the outputs from recent IPS-KIVU tobacco control research to influence policy in upcoming presidential and general elections.... View Article

Identifying Enforcement Options to Ban Single Stick Cigarettes in Sri Lanka

This research study explored the behaviour of smokers in purchasing single sticks; and identified enforcement options on banning sales of single... View Article

IPS Tobacco Control Programme – Going the Last Mile

The programme will carry out a series of projects aimed at reducing tobacco-related harm in Sri Lanka by advocating policies... View Article

PER for Nutrition in Sri Lanka: Assessing Public Financing for Nutrition (2014–2018)

The public expenditure review (PER) on nutrition in Sri Lanka is part of a regional exercise undertaken by the World... View Article

4IR and Future of Work: A First Attempt at Exploring the Socio-Demographic Cohorts of the Workforce Affected by the 4IR in Sri Lanka

As the world struggles to contain the COVID-19 virus and stemming the economic haemorrhage, the pandemic has bolted us closer... View Article

‘Work from Home’ Practice — Who Benefits – Who is Left Out: Evidence from Sri Lanka

In the on-going COVID-19 pandemic many governments have advised work from home, to lower people interactions. However, many factors including... View Article

Tobacco free Villages: A Pathway to Tobacco Free Sri Lanka

Two previous studies by IPS on tobacco smoking controlling in Sri Lanka confirm that (a) there exists a vast unmet... View Article