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Impact of GSP+ Withdrawal on Sri Lanka’s Exports to the EU

Sri Lanka benefits from GSP+, a special European Union (EU) trading arrangement. The GSP scheme is non-reciprocal, yet the beneficiaries... View Article

In-depth Country Assessment on the Linkages between Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is exposed to a variety of extreme weather events and slow onset events which may both result in... View Article

Comprehensive Mapping of Reintegration Measures in South Asian Colombo Process Member States (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)

Reintegration is an important aspect of labour migration from South Asia as a majority of migrant workers leave the region... View Article

Political Economy Analysis of Tobacco Control in Sri Lanka

The political economy of tobacco plays a crucial role in formulating the tobacco control policy landscape of any country. The... View Article

IPS KIVU Tobacco Control Extension Programme

IPS KIVU Tobacco Control Programme – Extension (Phase I) would give a sharper focus on the demonstrable impact on policy... View Article

National Cooling Policy of Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Environment has invited the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS) to assist the process of... View Article

Policy Research Capacity and Influence (PRCI) Programme on COVID-19 and Agri-food Trade in Sri Lanka

The Policy Research Capacity and Influence (PRCI) programme focusses on strengthening the institutional capacity of the national policy institutions to... View Article

Demand for Private Tutoring during COVID-19: An Initial Scoping Exercise for Sri Lanka

This study is an initial scoping exercise to gain some perspective on current trends in the demand for private tutoring... View Article

Tobacco Control Programme in Sri Lanka – Election Strategy Work

This project used the outputs from recent IPS-KIVU tobacco control research to influence policy in upcoming presidential and general elections.... View Article

Identifying Enforcement Options to Ban Single Stick Cigarettes in Sri Lanka

This research study explored the behaviour of smokers in purchasing single sticks; and identified enforcement options on banning sales of single... View Article