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Resource Digest on Pandemics, Public Health and Economic Prosperity

This Resource Digest on ‘Pandemics, Public Health and Economic Prosperity’ contains policy recommendations based on in-depth research on how Sri... View Article

Talking Tobacco: How Reduced Consumption Benefits the Economy

Based on the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) data of the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) and the... View Article

Tobacco Smoking Cessation: Lessons and Policy Options for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has made important strides in reducing the overall smoking prevalence rate over time. However, if smoking prevalence is... View Article

Tobacco Smoking in Sri Lanka: Identifying and Understanding the Last Mile Smokers

Secondary data analysis shows that smoking prevalence is higher among certain groups. ‘Tobacco Smoking in Sri Lanka: Identifying and Understanding... View Article

Elasticity Estimates for Cigarettes in Sri Lanka

Although cigarette prices in Sri Lanka have increased over time, cigarettes are still affordable for smokers as tax increases have... View Article

Women, Work and Night Shifts in Nursing Homes and Supermarkets

A number of barriers prevent women from fully engaging in the workforce, especially at night. Yet the types of challenges... View Article

A Proactive Path to Combat Malnutrition in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, one in five children (under five years old) are underweight and one in six babies are born... View Article

Sri Lanka’s Grade Five Scholarship Examination: An Evaluation of its Effectiveness and Relevance

Sri Lanka’s grade five scholarship exam has two main aims – admitting talented students to more prestigious schools and providing... View Article

Migration & Remittances: Impact on Financial Behaviour of Families Left Behind in Sri Lanka

Currently, over one in every 14 households has an international migrant while one in every 11 households receives remittances. In... View Article

Belt and Road Initiative, Debt and Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities for China – Sri Lanka Economics Relations

Women-owned and Led Micro, Small Medium Enterprises in Spice and Coir Sectors of Sri Lanka: Constraints and Policy Options