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Talking Economics Digest (July – December 2014)

In its 9th Edition, the Talking Economics Digest focuses on ‘Migration and Development’, one of cross cutting and emerging thematic... View Article

Assessment of the Employees’ Provident Fund in Sri Lanka

Demographic Transition and Pension Series The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is by far the largest such fund in Sri Lanka.... View Article

National Health Accounts 2012

Given that Sri Lanka is an island economy, it can position itself much better than its South Asian neighbours to... View Article

National Health Accounts 2012

The National Health Accounts (NHA) is indispensable for tracking trends in health spending and its detail analysis provides greater emphasis... View Article

Public or private: determinants of choice of healthcare providers in Sri Lanka

The decision of choosing a health care service provider is determined by various factors. Yet, individual characteristics, household characteristics, features... View Article

State of the economy

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