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Impact of Migration and Remittances on Investment in Agriculture and Food Security in Sri Lanka

Out-migration of small farmers or members of their families can have both a positive and negative effect on the rural... View Article

Sri Lanka: State of the Economy 2011 Report

The report begins by assessing the emerging risks to growth and stability for the Sri Lankan economy in the light... View Article

Sri Lanka: State of the Economy 2012 Report

While economic growth alone should not be the sole yardstick by which governments attempt to gain legitimacy, growth does matter.... View Article

Sri Lanka: State of the Economy 2013 Report

Despite a challenging external economic climate, the Sri Lankan economy has remained an impressive performer amidst the highly subdued growth... View Article

Sri Lanka State of the Economy 2014 Report

    Over the past half-Century, Asia has seen the most spectacular examples of economic development spanning from Japan to... View Article


The IPS was instrumental in launching the South Asia Economic Journal (SAEJ) in 2000 under the aegis of the SAARC... View Article

Millennium Development Goals Country Report – 2008/09

(Available in English, Sinhala & Tamil, jointly produced with NCED and UNDP Office in Colombo) The “Sri Lanka MDG Country... View Article

Designing Retirement-Income-Security Arrangements: Theory, Issues and Applications to Sri Lanka

Several issues have arisen in the current international debate with regard to the "reform" of income security arrangements, especially, but not only, because of demographic ageing. These include methods of funding, benefit calculations and management.

The Problems of Measuring Cost of Living In Sri Lanka

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the most widely used and best known measure of the changes in the cost of living or inflation. A CPI index measures changes in the general level of prices of a specified fixed basket of goods and services over time in relation to a given base period.

The Economic Cost of the War in Sri Lanka

There is growing interest in recent years in the economic dimensions of civil wars and other violent social conflicts. This paper discusses some of the conceptual and methodological problems associated with assessing the economic costs of such conflicts, and presents an evaluation of the costs of the (still ongoing) conflict in Sri Lanka.