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Calculating Tax Elasticities and Assessing Implications of Tobacco Tax Changes on Tax Revenue

This study estimates price elasticities and cross-price elasticities for different tobacco products to assess the impact of tax changes on... View Article

National Natural Gas Policy

The project involves formulating a national natural gas policy for Sri Lanka, based on the work that has already been... View Article

Commercial Insurance for Farmers for Human Wildlife Conflict by Elephants

The objective of the study is to explore the potential for developing a commercially-run insurance scheme, to deal with the... View Article

Mapping Study of Creative Industries in Sri Lanka

The aim of the study is to get a picture of the current size and scale of the creative industries... View Article

Eco-tourism for Sustainable Forest Management in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka possesses a significant potential for the development of forest-based ecotourism, which at present operates far below the potential... View Article

Impact of Post Doha Agricultural Liberalization on Efficiency and Comparative Advantage of Rice and Potato Sectors in Sri Lanka: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach

Specific policies on agriculture included provision of input subsidies, guaranteed product prices and state owned marketing services. With the open... View Article

Commons vs. Commons: Conjunctive use of shallow ground water resources in dry zone village tank systems in Sri Lanka for overcoming the rising water scarcity

Rising scarcity of water is a significant problem faced by the village tank farmers living in the dry zone of... View Article

Mainstreaming the Climate Change for Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka

The study undertakes a policy analysis that could guide developing a national agenda for mainstreaming the activities on climate change... View Article

Role of ICT in Climate Change Adaptation Case Study on disaster Early Warning Systems in Sri Lanka

The study assesses the role of ICT in disaster early warning, based on the Disaster Early Warning Network (DEWN) in... View Article

Economic Analysis of “Organic Rice Production in Sri Lanka: Opportunity Cost of Supply

The negative health and environmental impacts of unsustainable use of chemical inputs in agriculture is being largely discussed in Sri... View Article