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National Cooling Policy of Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Environment has invited the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS) to assist the process of... View Article

Policy Research Capacity and Influence (PRCI) Programme on COVID-19 and Agri-food Trade in Sri Lanka

The Policy Research Capacity and Influence (PRCI) programme focusses on strengthening the institutional capacity of the national policy institutions to... View Article

Updating the National Environmental Policy of Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Environment and Wildlife Resources (MEWR) has invited IPS to assist the process of updating the National Environmental... View Article

Revising the Overarching Agricultural Policy in Sri Lanka

The overall objective of the Overarching Agricultural Policy (OAP) is to promote food and nutrition security in Sri Lanka and... View Article

National Value Chain Development, Traceability and Marketing

The project intends to establish a sui generis registration-based national system for Geographical Indications (GI). The study has selected two... View Article

The New Face of Hunger: Building a Resilient Food System in an Age of Pandemic

The lockdown introduced from mid-March onwards to contain the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of food systems in all... View Article

Climate Mitigation Action Support Project (CMASP)

Under its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) for the Paris Agreement, Sri Lanka aims to (a) reduce GHG emissions in the... View Article

Impact of Tobacco Control on National Economy Using I-O Tables

Tobacco control measures are designed to reduce consumer demand for tobacco products. This shift in demand can lead to reduced... View Article

Analysing Profitability of Rice Sector in Sri Lanka: Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM)

This study is to construct an analytical framework, i.e. Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM), in which agricultural policy interventions can be... View Article

Identifying Tobacco Value Chain in Sri Lanka

This study aims to identify the tobacco value chain and define the value chain players and layers. Further, the study... View Article