Bilesha Weeraratne Publishes Article on Migrant Workers’ Wage Offers

28 January 2020

IPS Research Fellow and Head of Migration and Urbanization research, Bilesha Weeraratne, published an article titled ‘Migrant Workers’ Wage Offers: The Paradox of the Involvement of Recruitment Intermediaries’, in Migration Studies, published by the Oxford University Press.

In this article, Dr. Weeraratne shows that subagents’ unauthorized conduct of collecting passports is correlated with lower promised recruitment incentives, while their conduct of requesting fees for their services is linked with higher promised wages and promised recruitment incentives. The article also shows that migrants’ misperceptions about the subagent are also associated with lowering promised wages and promised incentives.

These findings show that better informing potential migrants about the role, formal status, and the implications of the involvement of subagents would lead to better wage and incentive negotiations by potential migrants during the recruitment process.

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