Baseline Survey on Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition

Save the Children of Sri Lanka with the GSK’s support initiated a maternal, child health and nutrition project in 3 MOH divisions of Matara district, to improve the quality and accessibility of maternal and child health services. In order to provide tailored interventions in the three divisions, the project has commissioned a situational study to determine the estate community’s health and nutritional practices; assess the current policies and the level of utilization of available nutritional and child care services; and to identify entry points for addressing gaps and improving conditions.  Therefore, IPS is commissioned to carry out a baseline study to analyze the situation prior to intervention at the intervention site and it aims to establish a benchmark against which the progress and achievements of a project can be measured and assessed.

Research team

Priyanka Jayawardena
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Chathurga Karunanayake
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Save the Children of Sri Lanka