Articulating and Mainstreaming Appropriate Agricultural Trade Policies


The process of articulating appropriate trade policies, support measures and mainstreaming it in national development and poverty reduction framework is considered as an important element for maximize the contribution of trade for development and poverty reduction. The research study mainly concern on the emerging environment within which developing countries will be formulating and implementing agricultural trade policies and development measures. The experience with this process is that the agricultural trade policies and support measures have not been adequately integrated into these processes. There is a lack of clarity about the term “mainstreaming” and on how best this is done.

The overall objectives of the research study can be identified as follows: i) contribute innovative approaches to articulate appropriate trade policies; ii) determine required support measures (institutions, markets, infrastructures etc.); and iii) determine best ways to mainstream these policies and measures into national development policy papers.

Further, this research study attempts to enhance the capability of relevant government ministries and national stakeholders in agricultural trade to identify appropriate trade policies and support measures, mainstream policies and measures in national development frameworks, and mobilize resources through investment and technical assistance projects.

Specific outputs of the research study consists with: i) improving the process of articulating appropriate agricultural trade policies; ii) improving the process of identifying support measures for implementing appropriate trade policies (Aid for Trade); iii) identifying approaches and methods for mainstreaming policies and support measures in the Poverty Reduction Strategy papers (PRSP) and iv) capacity-building of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in these areas through training and learning-by-doing.

Research team

Parakrama Samaratunga
Deshal De Mel
Manoj Thibbotuwawa
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Suwendrani Jayaratne
Dilani Hirimuthugodage
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