Applying Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in Sri Lanka

he objective of this project was to develop a template for RIA in Sri Lanka in collaboration with our research partners at the Centre on Regulation and Competition (CRC), University of Manchester, and with an informal Working Group made up of key stakeholders from the policy and regulatory space, from the private sector, from the NGO community and from the media. The short, medium and long term goals of the project were to: Develop a concept paper for policy makers on “RIA: A Tool for Better Regulatory Governance in Sri Lanka ” based on the collaborative research we have done with our research partners and in the Working Group and on inputs from a public consultation process. (Short term) Pilot test the RIA template developed for Sri Lanka in selected regulatory institutions or for selected pieces of legislation. (Medium term) Fine tune a RIA process for Sri Lanka based on the findings from our pilot

Research team

Malathy Knight-John
Shantha Jayasinghe
Amrit Rajapakse
Apsara Thurairetnam


Centre on Regulation and Competition, University of Manchester, U.K.

Published Year