3rd South Asia Economic Summit

Dr. Saman Kelegama, Executive Director, IPS, and Anushka Wijesinha and Suwendrani Jayaratne, Research Officers of IPS were resource persons at the 3rd South Asia Economic Summit (SAES), held in Katmandu, Nepal during 17th -19th December, 2010.

Dr. Kelegama made a presentation on “Emerging Economic Outlook and Policy Challenges for South Asian Economies” and also chaired the session on “Services Trade in South Asia”. Anushka Wijesinha presented a paper on “Air Services Liberalization in South Asia” and Suwendrani Jayaratne was a discussant for the session on “Trade Facilitation and Integration in South Asia”.

Following the two South Asia Economic Summits organized in 2008 and 2009 in Colombo and New Delhi, respectively, the 3rd South Asia Economic Summit was organized jointly by South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment (SAWTEE) and South Asia Centre for Policy Studies (SACEPS) in Kathmandu during 17-19 December 2010. The theme of the Summit was “Regional Economic Integration, Climate Change and Food Security Agenda for the Decade 2011-2020”.

The broad objective of the 3rd SAES is to facilitate dialogue between relevant stakeholders to identify key trade, socio-economic and climate change issues for regional cooperation in South Asia. Discussions also included the progress of the implementation of SAARC commitments on these issues; other emerging regional issues like energy and transport, challenges in broadening and deepening regional cooperation; special needs of the region’s least developed countries (LDCs) and measures to better integrate them with other economies in the region; and immediate steps that need to be taken by SAARC to realize the gains of regional integration.