World Consumer Rights Day Forum

To mark the World Consumer Rights Day, IPS held a forum, centered on the theme ‘Consumer Rights in the Digital Age’ on 15 March 2017 in the IPS Auditorium, with the participation of experts in the field, digital consumers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

IPS Deputy Director Dr. Dushni Weerakoon delivered the welcome address, highlighting the prevalence of e-commerce in Sri Lanka and its benefits and risks. The keynote address was delivered by Jayantha Fernando, Legal Adviser of the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA). His speech focused on the ‘Legal Regime for Consumers in the Digital Age’, especially addressing issues such as gaps in the Electronics Transaction Act No. 19 of 2006, cybercrime and security and data protection in the e-world.

The panelists were Dr. Dayanath Jayasuriya, President’s Counsel, former Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Lahiru Pathmalal, CEO of Takas Pvt. Ltd, Suhaila Hussain, President of Sri Lanka Housewives Association, Jiffrey Zulfer, CEO of Digital Mobility Solutions Lanka and Thishya Weragoda, Attorney at Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. The presentations highlighted many salient aspects of digital consumerism in Sri Lanka such as the rights of consumers, rights of traders, challenges in serving consumers in the digital age, needs of consumers in the e-market, and the changing regulatory landscape for consumer protection in the digital era. The panel was chaired by IPS Research Assistant Vishvanathan Subramanian. A lively Q&A session followed the panel discussion.

Download presentations

Jayantha Fernando, Legal Regime for Consumers in the Digital Age 

Dayanath Jayasuriya, The Changing Regulatory Landscape for Consumer Protection in the Digital Age 

Lahiru Pathmalal, The Challenge of Serving the Digital Consumer in Sri Lanka 

Jiffrey Zulfer, Local Entrepreneurship to Expand E-Commerce in Sri Lanka   

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