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Does Restructuring Property Rights Hold the Key to Natural Resource Management in Sri Lanka?

In this article to mark the World Environment Day 2015 Chatura Rodrigo highlights the importance of governing forest resources in a sustainable manner by restructuring the property rights systems.


Adopting a Blue Economy Approach in Sri Lanka

In this article Kanchana Wickramasinghe points out the importance of regional collaboration to make the best use of ocean resources.


Good Environmental Management Practices in the Hotel Industry in Sri Lanka: Determinants and Barriers

With the tourism sector in Sri Lanka recording remarkable growth, it is imperative to ensure that this growth is environmentally sustainable. Are hotels in Sri Lanka adopting good environmental management practices?

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Getting Communities Involved in Sri Lanka’s Nature Tourism

Tourism-related community development in nature tourism should not be just about getting a few villagers to guide tourists, but must take a more meaningful and holistic approach, argues Kanchana Wickremasinghe


5 Things to Know About Building Resilience from Droughts in Sri Lanka

Recent droughts in Sri Lanka had a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans. How can irrigation and agriculture improve to tackle future droughts, or are climate change effects catching up too quickly?