Connecting People to Nature: A Need of the Hour for Sri Lanka

Even though people are heavily reliant on nature, they lack the connectivity to nature which helps achieve sustainable development. This article examines the problems caused by this disconnect between nature and society and highlights policy implications to improve people’s environmental literacy which can be used as a tool to enhance connectivity to nature.


Green Shine in New Star Ratings of Sri Lankan Hotels

This article explores the environmental, community and sustainability aspects of the new star rating system of registered hotels in Sri Lanka and how the hotels can benefit from this system.

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Does Restructuring Property Rights Hold the Key to Natural Resource Management in Sri Lanka?

In this article to mark the World Environment Day 2015 Chatura Rodrigo highlights the importance of governing forest resources in a sustainable manner by restructuring the property rights systems.


Adopting a Blue Economy Approach in Sri Lanka

In this article Kanchana Wickramasinghe points out the importance of regional collaboration to make the best use of ocean resources.


Good Environmental Management Practices in the Hotel Industry in Sri Lanka: Determinants and Barriers

With the tourism sector in Sri Lanka recording remarkable growth, it is imperative to ensure that this growth is environmentally sustainable. Are hotels in Sri Lanka adopting good environmental management practices?

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