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Latest Edition of Talking Economics Digest Now Online! – ‘Post-War Economy: 5 Years On’

As Sri Lanka entered into the second half of the country’s first post-war decade in May this year, this edition of the TE Digest takes a closer look at the challenges for post-war Sri Lanka in a special series titled ‘Post-war Economy: 5 Years On’.


Latest Talking Economics Digest is Now Online! – ‘Managing the Middle Income Transition’

Sri Lanka has made a decisive transition into a lower middle-income economy. However, the challenge lies in sustaining this growth transition and positioning itself to step into an upper middle-income economy. In this light, the latest edition of the ‘Talking …

Latest Talking Economics Digest Now Online! – ‘Getting Smart About What We Eat and How We Grow It’

The latest edition of the Talking Economics Digest is now online! We have finished all our print copies, but you can easily read or download an electronic version here. This latest edition discusses issues of food safety and also organic agriculture, among many other areas.

Latest ‘Talking Economics Digest’ Innovation Special Issue Released!

Driving innovation in Sri Lanka is now increasingly being recognized as a key determinant of the country’s long term growth prospects. Everyone from private sector leaders to government policy planners are keen to understand how the power of innovation can be ignited to drive enterprise profitability and drive faster and inclusive growth nationally. We decided to tackle this issue in the latest version of the IPS Talking Economics Digest through an ‘Innovation Special Issue’.

Read the Latest ‘Talking Economics Digest’ Online

  The Talking Economics Digest is a bi-annual publication of the IPS, which compiles the articles featured on this blog every 6 months, together with interesting ‘feature’ segments. The latest copy of the Digest (January-June 2012) was launched last week …