Special Features and Interviews

Latest Talking Economics Digest Now Online! – ‘Getting Smart About What We Eat and How We Grow It’

The latest edition of the Talking Economics Digest is now online! We have finished all our print copies, but you can easily read or download an electronic version here. This latest edition discusses issues of food safety and also organic agriculture, among many other areas.

TE Digest Editorial – ‘What’s In Our Food?’

The ongoing crisis with imported milk products has made one thing clear – all of us need to pay closer attention to what is in the food we consume and take a greater interest in how it is sourced and produced. Globally, consumers are becoming more discerning – they are getting a lot smarter at identifying produce that is good for their health and places a lower burden on the environment. ‘Eating local’ and ‘going organic’ are no longer just buzzwords. The question of “what’s in our food?” is intrinsically linked to another question – “how do we grow what we eat?”…

Latest ‘Talking Economics Digest’ Innovation Special Issue Released!

Driving innovation in Sri Lanka is now increasingly being recognized as a key determinant of the country’s long term growth prospects. Everyone from private sector leaders to government policy planners are keen to understand how the power of innovation can be ignited to drive enterprise profitability and drive faster and inclusive growth nationally. We decided to tackle this issue in the latest version of the IPS Talking Economics Digest through an ‘Innovation Special Issue’.

Releasing 375 pages of content – free download of SOE Policy Briefs (2005-2009)

In the effort to expand our reach and open up the accessibility of IPS research, we are pleased to announce a further release of Policy Briefs of the 2009, 2008,2007, 2006 and 2005 editions of the IPS flagship publication ‘Sri Lanka: State of the Economy’ (SOE) which are now available for free download. These were earlier contained only in the print version of the publication, available for sale at the IPS and leading bookstores.

‘Sri Lanka: State of the Economy 2012′ e-book released

An e-book of the ‘Sri Lanka: State of the Economy 2012’ containing summary information and visuals of the 7 key chapters is now available for free download. This e-book also contains links to a video presentation of the main highlights of the report.