Poverty and Vulnerability

Child Poverty: Who are the Poorest Children in Sri Lanka?

Measuring child poverty can no longer be lumped with general poverty assessments, which often focus solely on income levels. This article provides a brief analysis of total picture of incidence of child poverty at national level.

social inclusion

Addressing Issues of Social Protection to Enhance Equity in Sri Lanka

Marking the World Day of Social Justice 2015, Ganga Tilakaratna highlights four key issues of Sri Lanka’s social protection system that need to be addressed in order to reduce vulnerability and enhance equity.


Poverty and MDGs in Sri Lanka: What More Needs to be Done?

Special article marking International Day of Eradicating Poverty (17th October) Poverty – a condition where people’s basic needs for wellbeing are not being met – is a multidimensional issue that affects most, if not all, nations. Despite huge success in …


Sri Lanka’s Ageing Population and its Health Policy Challenges

As the Sri Lankan population ages, the health sector should include chronic disease prevention through enhanced care for the elderly, and invest in a formal system of old age support.


Better Business Development Services Can Help Sri Lanka’s Women Entrepreneurs Prosper

A new study by IPS and Oxfam focuses on the need to unleash potential of female entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, and reveals that better business development services can go a long way in helping women-operated businesses.