Health and Human Development

World Elders Abuse Awareness Day: Sri Lanka’s Greying Economy — An Impending Problem

Marking World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2016, this article highlights the status of Elders Abuse in Sri Lanka, the underlying causes and the steps that can be taken to address the issue.


Beat Diabetes in Sri Lanka: Too Much Sugar is Not that Sweet

Marking World Health Day Today (7th April 2016), under the theme “Beat Diabetes”, this article highlights the status in Sri Lanka and the steps that can be taken to control and prevent the rise of the disease.


World Kidney Day 2016: What More Can Sri Lanka Do To Save Lives?

Marking World Kidney Day 2016, this article highlights the incidence of CKD in Sri Lanka, its burden, and the importance of appropriate measures for early detection.


Making a Better Place for Her: Gender Equality for Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka

Marking International Women’s Day 2016, this article explores steps Sri Lanka can take to ensure that the country meets SDG Goal 5; ‘Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering All Women and Girls’.


Transforming “Manpower Employment” to Decent Work of Greater Quality

With the aim of exploring ways to transform manpower employment to decent work of greater quality, this article explores some hidden information in the manpower business, based on a study carried out by IPS.