Manoj Thibbotuwawa

Microinsurance in Sri Lanka: Big Opportunities, Small Outreach

Even though most Sri Lankans, especially those in poor and rural communities, are vulnerable to various types of risks, the demand for insurance is significantly low. This article by Manoj Thibbotuwawa examines microinsurance as an alternative to regular insurance and provides recommendations to make microinsurance schemes more viable in Sri Lanka.


Food Security: Does it Matter for Sri Lanka?

This article takes a look at the importance of food security to Sri Lanka, and ways in which the concerned issues can be addressed.

Better Targeting of Transfers: The Fertilizer Subsidy

By Manoj Tibbotuwawa, Research Officer – IPS Credit Sanjeewa Siriwardana The second article in the “Fiscal Imperatives” series deals with another contentious transfer programme, the fertilizer subsidy. In 2009, the fertilizer subsidy accounted for 3% of total government expenditure and …