Janaka Wijayasiri
A Sri Lankan airlines Airbus takes off f

Should the Sri Lankan Government Be in the Business of Running An Airline?

Judging by the past unsuccessful experiences of government run airlines across the world and in Sri Lanka, this article questions whether the governments should run airlines and/or continue to support struggling carriers.


Too Much Time Holidaying, Not Enough Time Working?

As Sri Lanka enjoys its 16th public holiday for the year, Janaka Wijayasiri points out that so many holidays and most of them close together can have a knock-on effect on productivity and output of the country’s economy.


Emerging Food Standards: A Cause of Concern for the Sri Lankan Tea Industry

While compliance with emerging food standards encourages the advancement of Sri Lanka’s tea industry, Janaka Wijayasiri points out the importance of providing exporters the necessary support to comply with such standards.


Looking at Sri Lanka’s Existing Trade Agreements and Lessons for the FTA with China

There are some key lessons from Sri Lanka’s experience with these existing FTAs that must be borne in mind when negotiating a trade agreement with China.


China’s Approach to FTAs with Other Countries: What Can Sri Lanka Expect?

If China’s FTAs with other countries are any indication, Sri Lanka can expect a flexible and collaborative free trade agreement, but there are five key areas that need tackling in the negotiation