Recent Articles

Implementing Green Goals in SDGs in Sri Lanka

This article highlights the challenges in effectively reporting environment related goals in SDGs, which cuts across many goals, and the steps that can be taken to overcome such challenges.

Brexit: The Not-So-United Kingdom

This article highlights the implications of Britain's vote to leave the EU, following a tense referendum, not only in the UK but also in rest of the countries.

China’s One Belt One Road Initiative: Implications for Sri Lanka

This article explores China's on-going One Belt One Road initiative, milestones of the journey, challenges ahead and the implications for Sri Lanka.

World Elders Abuse Awareness Day: Sri Lanka’s Greying Economy -- An Impending Problem

Marking World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2016, this article highlights the status of Elders Abuse in Sri Lanka, the underlying causes and the steps that can be taken to address the issue.