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Will the BRICS Bank and Fund Boost Global South?
Daily Star
23rd July 2014
Download (PDF Format 230 KB)

Chinese Financial Assistance to Boost Intra-Regional Trade in South Asia
East Asia Forum
17th July, 2014
Download (PDF Format 51 KB)

China-Sri Lanka FTA: Meeting the Challenges
17th July, 2014
Download (PDF Format 1000KB)

Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Trade and Investment Ties Make Major Strides
The Daily Star
7th July 2014
Download (PDF Format 207KB)

‘Key Challenges Facing the Tourism Sector in Sri Lanka’
27th June, 2014
Download(PDF Format 410KB)

China’s Growing Reach in South Asia
East Asia Forum
25th June 2014
Download(PDF Format 44KB)

‘Gamani Corea and Commodity Price Stabilization’
17th April, 2014
Download(PDF Format 69KB)

‘Challenges Remain for China-Sri Lanka FTA’
28th March, 2014
Download(PDF Format 47KB)

Global Economic Outlook for 2014 and Sri Lanka
The Sunday Times,
29th December, 2013
Download (PDF Format 95KB)

WTO Bali Ministerial Outcome:
What Implications for Global Trade and Sri Lanka?
Ceylon Today,
15th December, 2013
Download (PDF Format 80KB)

SAARC Needs an Institutional Revamp
The Island
7th December, 2013
Download (PDF Format 53KB)

WTO Bali Ministerial: Issues and Challenges
3rd December, 2013
Download (PDF Format 238KB)

Book Review : Famine, Fevers and Fear: The State and Disease in British Colonial Sri Lanka
The Island
2nd December, 2013
Download (PDF Format 67KB)

A Growing Trend China, Lanka Trade and Investment Links
Business LK, Vol.1, No.8,
November 2013
Download (PDF Format 1.4MB)

True son of Sri Lanka: Gamani Corea 1925 - 2013
The Sunday Times
10th November, 2013
Download (PDF Format 87KB)

India, China in Investment ‘Great Game’ Over Lanka
August 2013
Download (PDF Format 2000KB)

India-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement: Looking Back to Look Beyond
Business LK
June –July 2013
Download (PDF Format 2690KB)

Book Review - In the Best Interest of My Country
DailyFT, 8th July 2013
Download (PDF Format 80KB)

Sri Lanka’s Vision of Urban Development
Daily FT, 17 May 2013
Download (PDF Format 128KB)

Export Sector in Sri Lanka: Issues and Challenges
Sri Lanka Exporter
Vol. 80, April-June 2013
Download (PDF Format 1831KB)

“Migration for Foreign Employment – A Vital Component of Sri Lankan Economy”
Business LK, March 2013
Download (PDF Format 2046KB)

Global Economic Downturn: The Challenges Ahead
Daily FT, 13th March, 2013
Download (PDF Format 286KB)

Global Economy and Prospects for the Sri Lankan Economy in 2013
The Sunday Times, 30th December, 2012

‘Japan - Sri Lanka Economic Relations: 60 years and Beyond’
The Island, 10th December, 2012
Download (PDF Format 49KB)

Book Review - Regional Cooperation for Inclusive and Sustainable Development
The Island, 19th November, 2012
Download (PDF Format 50KB)

Book Review – A must-read for all those who deal with Tax Matters
DailyFT, 19th November, 2012
Download (PDF Format 54KB)

Book Review – Taxation, Fiscal Policy and the Economy in Sri Lanka
The Sunday Times, 26th August, 2012
Download (PDF Format 53KB)

‘Aid Effectiveness Debate in Busan’
Trade Insights, Vol.8, No.1, 2012

Download (PDF Format 351KB)

‘Analyzing Consumer vs Producer Interests in Trade Liberalization under SAFTA’
The Island, 13th February, 2012
Download (PDF Format 59KB)

‘South Asia’s Challenge: Generating More and Better Jobs in the Next Two Decades’
The Sunday Times, 29th January, 2012
Download (PDF Format 105KB)

‘Global Economic Outlook and Prospects for the Sri Lankan Economy in 2012’
The Sunday Times, 01st January, 2012
Download (PDF Format 123KB)

‘Human Development Report 2011 - Review’
The Island, 04th December, 2011
Download (PDF Format 52KB)

‘Budget 2012: Bold Step to Depreciate Rupee’
Lakbima News, 27th November, 2011

UAE-Sri Lanka Economic Relations – A Growing Partnership
Daily Mirror, 24th November, 2011
Download (PDF Format 55KB)

Regional Poverty
Himal South Asian, 17th November, 2011
Download (PDF Format 65KB)

SAARC Needs a Major Shakeup!
The Island, 27th September, 2011
Download (PDF Format 118KB)

Accelerating Economic Growth in Sri Lanka
Daily FT, 10th June, 2011
Download (PDF Format 303KB)

What does the latest WTO Review say on Sri Lanka’s Trade Policy?
Daily FT, 29th April, 2011
Download (PDF Format 954KB)

Crises in Japan, Middle East, West Africa will not hinder global recovery
Sunday Observer,27th March, 2011
Download (PDF Format 70KB)

Excerpts of the representation made before the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission
The Island,21st February, 2011
Download (PDF Format 93KB)

Food Prices Up Again: Why, How and What?
Daily News,21st January, 2011
Download (PDF Format 150KB)

Global Economic Outlook for 2011 and Emerging Concerns for Developing Countries
The Island,,3rd January, 2011
Download (PDF Format 91KB)

Tax issues - Current system not delivering needed revenue
Too many exemptions, lot of evasion Sunday Times, 21 November, 2010
Download (PDF Format 55KB)

Book Review: Money, Inflation and Output - by H.N. Thenuwara
The Nation,7 November, 2010
Download (PDF Format 54KB)

Book Review: Challenging the Injustice of Poverty: Agenda for Inclusive Development in South Asia
The Island, 14 October, 2010
Download (PDF Format 25KB)

Role of Imports in the Sri Lankan Economy
The Island, 29 August, 2010
Download (PDF Format 35KB)

Issues for Thimpu SAARC Summit 2010
Daily News, 21 April, 2010
Download (PDF Format 73KB)

Services-led economic growth: How stable and sustainable?
The Nation, 11 April, 2010
Download (PDF Format 43KB)

GSP-Plus removal ‘will raise many issues for EU in global trade debate
Future of the GSP-Plus scheme
The Island, 12 March, 2010
Download (PDF Format 28KB)

Recovery will be slow and steady in 3Q of 2009
Views on the current situation of the global recession.
The Nation, 23 August, 2009
Download (PDF Format 46KB)

Review of the Book: Economic Wisdom for Babies
The Sunday Times, 07 June, 2009
Download (PDF Format 54KB)

Global Economic Crisis and Sri Lanka
Journal of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers, March/April, 2009
Download (PDF Format 1.7MB)

15th SAARC Summit: Emerging Issues
Trade Insight, Vol.4, No. 3, 2008

Review Essay: Gamani Corea: My Memoirs
Sunday Island, 31 August, 2008
Download (PDF Format 34KB)

South Asia Development and Cooperation Report
The Island, 25 August, 2008
Download (PDF Format 21KB)

Traditional SAARC, modern Southasia
Himal Southasian, August, 2008
Download (PDF Format 37KB)

Sri Lanka DFCC Bank
Daily Mirror, 28 March, 2008

DFCC at 50: Looking Back to Look Beyond
Sunday Island, 2 March, 2008
Download (PDF Format 37KB)

10 Strategies for South Asia
Trade Insight, Vol. 4, No. 1 (SAWTEE), February, 2008
Download (PDF Format 142KB)

Sri Lanka’s Export Performance in 2006: A Closer Look
Sri Lanka Exporter, Vol. 58, July/Sep 2007
Download (PDF Format 452KB)

Towards Greater Economic Connectivity in South Asia
Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XXXXII, No. 39, September, 2007
Download (PDF Format 305KB)

Global Integration and National Interests: Managing Change in Sri Lanka
OPA Journal, Vol. 22, May 2007
Download (PDF Format 680KB)

India-Sri Lanka Bilateral Free Trade Agreement: Six Years Performance and Beyond
February, 2007
Download (PDF Format 783KB)