IPS research on Private Sector Development examines the constraints to a conducive business environment for greater private sector investment, including FDI. This includes addressing limitations on the institutions and regulatory processes which impact on private sector activity, innovation and entrepreneurship in an economy. In particular, policy constraints hindering SME growth such as technology transfer, market linkages, access to information, access to business development services, amongst others, need to be identified and addressed to maximize SME contribution to export growth and employment generation.


Presentation on “Balancing the Scales: Taming Supermarket Buyer Power”, at the “World Consumer Rights Day Forum” organized by IPS, IPS Auditorium, 15 March.
(Team: Kithmina Hewage)

Presentation on “Air Connectivity in South Asia” at the conference on “Unleashing South Asia: Connectivity, Sub-regional Initiatives, Energy and Investment Protection”, SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mumbai, India, 24 September.
(By: Kithmina Hewage)


Presentation on “Female Entrepreneurship and the Role of Business Development Services in Promoting Small and Medium Women Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka”, IPS, 9 May.
(By: Sunimalee Madurawala)

Presentation on “Developing a System for University-Business Linkages in Sri Lanka” at the seminar on “Strengthening University-Business Linkages”, organized by GIZ, Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, 23 May.
(By: Anushka Wijesinha)

Presentation on “SME Credit Guarantee Scheme” to members of Central Bank Financial System Stability Consultative Committee, CBSL Conference Room, 5 June.
(By: Anushka Wijesinha)