Ashani is an Economist with research interests in labour economics, economics of education, development economics, and microeconometrics. She holds a BA in Economics with First Class Honours from the University of Peradeniya and a Masters in International and Development Economics from the Australian National University.


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Presentation on ‘Shadow Education in Sri Lanka’

IPS In-house seminar
24 April 2018

Presentation on ‘Better Schools and Teachers for Better Education Outcomes in Sri Lanka

Organized by the Ministry of Education
11 April 2018


Presentation on ‘Education in Sri Lanka’

At the New Thinkers’ Symposium
Organized by IPS
27 February 2018

Presentation on “School-Level Bottlenecks in Improving O-Level Performance in Sri Lanka

IPS In House Seminar
10 July 2017


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‘Better Schools for Better O-Level Results in Sri Lanka’ Report Launch, on State of Business by Art TV

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