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Migration has become a global phenomenon which plays an important role in shaping and reshaping the demographic features of countries. It also determines the pace of their economic growth and development through the functioning of the global capital market, with global trade in goods and services, flow of investments and the quality of life in different parts of the world. This phenomenon has both positive and negative impacts. Thus policy interventions are required in order to manage migration properly.

The South Asia Migration Commission Net aims at creating a platform on which different aspects of international migration are discussed and elaborated on in order to inform policy makers on better policy stances. It will develop a fruitful collaboration with professionals from all relevant disciplines on the basis of mutual benefit and cooperation. In this regard, South Asia Migration Commission Net welcomes and appreciates contributions by all those who wish to participate in this dialogue.

A Migration Profile for Sri Lanka

Three regional consultative forums were held during 2009, 2010 and 2011 in the months of November in Colombo .
Migration is, in essence the export of manpower along with its human and social dimensions, which do not come in to play when exporting commodities. It, therefore, requires the special attention of policy makers to link it to their development agendas by reducing any resultant negative impacts. In this connection, the build-up of a credible pool of information and statistics is useful.
14th August 2014

Policies for Mainstreaming Migration into Development in
Sri Lanka
Organized by IPS, IPS Auditorium